Information Page==

If you wish to create a creature please follow these rules or your page will be removed.

-The character must be categorized into VAC (Vertibrae Alpha Creature) VBC (Vertibrae Beta Creature) IAC (Invertibrate Alpha Creature) or IBC (Invertibrate Beta Creature).

-Must be original, can not be based off of other creatures on the wikia.

-Must be numbered with a numeral above 100 (101-Infinity) (Please do not get rediculous).


VAC 1:Amaia

High maintenance.

Class B threat.

Sex: Unknown

Can not reproduce. Black shadow like figure, it stays in the shadows and is extremely aggressive in any type of light. Feeds off of salmonella bacteria. Favours raw chicken livers. Attacks with extreme force, bringing out blackish arms while releasing a smoky substance into the atmosphere around it. Will grap its prey and suck it into the shadows. Its eyes glow with a dark red texture.

Include all of the type of information that is included above (Threat level, Sex, Reproductive status, Characteristics, Name, and Diet). Thanks!-Solardel